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 A brand new day / Freyja

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MessageSujet: A brand new day / Freyja   Dim 31 Mai - 11:32


I know my host family since few hours only, but I'm quite happy. I could be affraid about their little girl - and the mess she could make - but she just reminds me of my little cousin. And to be fair, she didn't even cry last night, so I won't complain. I'm so excited about  finally being in England anyway, nothing could ruin that feeling. It's 7am, and I'm already wide awake, thinking about what amazing things I could do today. Memphis is still sleeping next to my bed,as usual. Taking my dog with me was the only condition I required, and fortunatly, the host familly accepted. I couldn't let him in Copenhaguen, even if my twin and mother  would take good care of him I'm sure.

So it's decided, today I'll explore the neighborhood. Having a walk with Memphis, take some pictures maybe and see what Bournemouth has the offer. I jump in the shower, trying to be quiet, and I go  to the kitchen. Miss Emerson is cooking the perfect English breakfast, why not after all, it's time to try new things! I grab a plate and I have to say, it's a bit weird, but not that bad....suprisingly.

Here I am, in the street of Poole, the little city next to Bournemouth. It's not raining, that's a good thing. Memphis walks next to me, and I decide to send a snapchat to my Twin. Just to prove to him the weather is not that bad, even at 9am! A quick picture, and I look my phone for few seconds. But I bump into something, or someone, and I feel really stupid. "Oh, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to! Was just looking to my phone...stupid technology..." I give a smile, trying to apologize. Well done Soren, what a good start! "Oh... ok, maybe it's a weird question but... Are you from Help Yourself ? I think I saw you yesterday... I'm Soren". Pretty difficult to forget a lovely face like this one...

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Freyja Olav
HERE SINCE : 29/05/2015
AGE : 25
FROM : norway.
OCCUPATION : arts student.
HEART : single pringle.

MessageSujet: Re: A brand new day / Freyja   Dim 31 Mai - 16:19

a brand new day ✩
I didn't sleep a lot tonight because of the travel, I slept a lot in the trains and the plane, so I couldn't sleep more than three hours now that I'm here, I'm just way too excited to be in England for that. I just woke up and it's 6a.m. My host family is already gone, apparently they don't spend a lot of time in their house, so my roomates and I can do what we want, I think that's a good thing. I take a shower, I put a Marvel blue shirt, my favourite shirt and jean shorts on, and I go eat breakfast : milk and Coco Pops. While eating my cereals I think of what I should do after, and decide to go on a walk. Then, I go get my phone and put my shoes on. I take my bag and get out of the house and discretly close the door. I start walking in a random direction and admire the city. After a while, I decide to listen to music with my headphones. I change my song when I accidentally hit someone. "Faen!", I swear, in Norwegian of course, old habits. I fall, but get up fast, my phone is still in my hands so everything is fine. The guy apologizes a lot and blames himself for being on his phone. "That's okay, I'm alright, I was looking at my phone too, did I hurt you?", he smiles awkwardly and I do the same. He then asks if I'm from Help Youself, which surprises me, he says he thinks he saw me yesterday and introduces himself as Soren. "Oh, hum, yes, I'm from Help Yourself, are you? By the way, I'm Freyja." I say as a smile appears on my face.
electric bird.

    girl almighty.

    freyja's tumblr let's pray we stay young, stay made of lightning. ©️endlesslove
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A brand new day / Freyja

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