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 Friday night and a beer ∆ free

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Bianca Lafleur
HERE SINCE : 19/06/2015
AGE : 27
FROM : India - but french daddy
OCCUPATION : Soccer student + bartender on the weekends
HEART : single

Friday night and a beer ∆ free Empty
MessageSujet: Friday night and a beer ∆ free   Friday night and a beer ∆ free EmptyVen 19 Juin - 22:37

It’s been already almost a week now that I’ve got there. I met some people. I wouldn’t say make some friends because I still don’t know much people. But I’d say I’m on the good way. Sur la bonne pente, like would say my pitᾱ - which is the word for daddy in Hindi. People might think it is confusing to speak a few languages… It is not. My mom always spoke Hindi to me when my dad always spoke French. And since English is a big hit in India, I’ve learned it very young. I would simply love to speak Italian but it’s not happening for the moment. Anyway, after a few classes today, my daily running and a good shower, I had decided to walk to town. I like to walk when the sun is going down, it is always nice and the night gets that sweet smell that I love so much. Even though I am wearing high heels, I don’t mind walking. One of my ex-boyfriend back in India, I remember, used to complain all the time that I was too tall with my heels. He even tried to make me stop wearing them. When I think about it… he was a total jerk. Not even that interesting… and I am not even speaking about his… Anyway, he’s not worth remembering him. I walk in a pub I already went during the week just once. I like the place. It is comfy, nice; they have alcohol and TVs so I can follow the game. Because there is a game tonight. The women world’s cup is happening these days and on the tv it’s the match from the last day between Brazil and Costa Rica which is good! Because I’ve missed it. I was way too tired to go out or even turn on my computer to check it out. I ask for a beer. I go simple with a Blue Moon and I sit at the bar, in front of one of the tv. And here I am, in England, drinking beer and watching soccer. I mean… football. I spent way too much time watching American movies… “Oh come on!!!” I hear myself almost screaming at the screen. “You know they already won, don’t you?” I turn brusquely on the side, a hand on my heart. “Damn you scared me! And no I did not know that.” I was looking forward to see this game, to enjoy it… Who is that person who just ruined my moment of pleasure? I mean… for sure I would have known at some point with internet and all… I turn back my attention to the screen but now I feel distracted and not that interested since I know the end. It’s like knowing the end of a book… before even reading it. I took another sip of my beer. “Did they really?” I asked to the stranger on my right side, the one whom spoiled me all the fun. My accent is thick even though my English is good…

Friday night and a beer ∆ free Tumblr_inline_n12nn8kQ6l1svrjdx Friday night and a beer ∆ free Tumblr_inline_n12p6aSXwV1svrjdx
foutrement votre . ”

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Saad Hegazy
HERE SINCE : 26/06/2015
AGE : 34
FROM : Egypt
OCCUPATION : residence's supervisor - translator during his free time
HEART : not quite looking, kind of waiting for someone. hoping, for sure.

Friday night and a beer ∆ free Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Friday night and a beer ∆ free   Friday night and a beer ∆ free EmptyVen 26 Juin - 23:32

    Saad was extremely glad Veera had managed to get Mrs Robertson to get a second team for the residence's supervisor, and that this team was currently working. Friday nights were the worst! Because the students were obviously not caring about any curfew -why would they? They were young, free, and in England- were pretty hard to babysit. Oh don't get me wrong Saad loved these kids. Most of them anyway. There were always some jerks in the promo', and nothing you could do about it. Some rich daddy's girls or boys who'd threaten to get you fired if you were stopping them from enjoying their time abroad. A bunch of dumbass, if you were asking Saad.
    But no one was asking. And he was just glad to have a night off, not having to deal with students: it could get overwhelming sometimes. Being around teenagers and young adults all the time. Sometimes, he just needed to be around adults, talk about politics, football, rugby, anything.

    So there he was. At the pub, drinking a beer on tap with a couple of friends, laughing and talking philosophy and football. Football's philosophy. Something like that. His friends were loud, but this was a pub not a tea house, so they were aloud -as long as they kept their fist to themselves (okay that one was dirty)-.
    Eventually, they ran out of beers, and Saad got up to get a refill for the table. That's when the loud shouting echoed in the bar, coming from a tiny women ('kay not so tiny, she looked actually pretty tall), watching football. Yesterday's game, actually. She seemed so into it, like the game hadn't happen... the day before.
    "You do know they already won, don't you?" He asked, and judging by the look on her face, she didn't. Aw damn. Did he just ruined it for her? "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to ruin the game for you." Saad actually looked sorry (maybe because he was? He had a heart after all, and football is sacred. Everyone knows that).

    He put the empty pitcher on the counter, trying to get the bartender's attention. The voice, thick with what sounded like an Indian accent (you get used to accent after so many time spent at H.Y.), was heard again, and Saad ran a hand through his hair, pulling a face. "If I said no, would it make your evening better?" He noticed the beer she was drinking. "Though looking at the crap you're drinking, I'm not sure there's a way to make it better!" Blue Moon? Seriously? Who drinks American beer in England?


All You've got left are these pieces
You're such a pretty melody, i'm just another tattooed tragedy. I'll be your waste of time, you'll be my happy end.
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Friday night and a beer ∆ free

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