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 (gabs) worst case scenario is that I will kiss you and you will blush

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Chloé Fournier
HERE SINCE : 14/06/2015
AGE : 23
FROM : France
OCCUPATION : Etudiante
HEART : single

MessageSujet: (gabs) worst case scenario is that I will kiss you and you will blush   Dim 19 Juil - 20:32

It's funny how people get to know a whole new place in such little time. When she arrived here, Chloé was completely lost. She had no idea where to go, what to do, who with. Now that a few weeks have passed, she already knows almost everything there is to know about the school. She doesn't get lost anymore and that's kinda awesome and a lot less annoying, in her opinion. Which is a good thing because today, she's looking for something very specific (rather someone) so, she can't afford to look lost or worse, unsure. She knows where to go. When she gets to the first floor, she slows down a bit though. She hasn't seen Gabriele since their first meeting at Tesco, or at least they didn't get too close to each other - obviously she had seen him from afar, at school, but she never actually talked to him. Just a few smiles, with a knowing-what's-going-on-look on her face.
The office's door is half opened. Chloé knocks twice before she steps quietly inside the room. Hello ? At first she thinks there's no one inside. Hi, she says with a smirk when she sees the one she's been looking for - Gabriele, that is. Good thing is, Marlene doesn't seem to be here. Marlene is the other activity coordinator, even though everyone calls her Lena. Chloé likes her a lot, along with the other students. She gets closer to Gabriele as she runs a hand through her hair. It's really hot today, maybe she'll have time to step by the beach later on. So... I've seen tonight's menu and it's really not that glorious. She pouts. Peas, again. She hates peas. Are you still willing to share quinoa with me ? She gently asks.
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Gabriele N. Giudicci
HERE SINCE : 30/05/2015
AGE : 29
FROM : Italia
OCCUPATION : Activity Coordinator
HEART : Single

MessageSujet: Re: (gabs) worst case scenario is that I will kiss you and you will blush   Ven 24 Juil - 12:06

It was a slow week in the activity coordinators' office. It happened sometimes, not often, but sometimes, they weren't needed. Parties were planned, museums were booked, and they just had to wait until someone came into their office to say “GOD, I'm bored, what are we doing this week-end?”, and they would be back on tracks. But for now, yawns and stupid games on their computer were their main ways to fill their day. Gabriele was the last one in the room, because even on days like that, the office needed to stay open until it the end of the day – in case of an emergency which would probably never happen. He was playing solitary on his computer, thinking that if things continued like that, he might just become a pro at this game. He was checking the clock every two minutes, waiting - not very patiently - until it said 6:00pm, and then, he would be free. He would go back home, cook his diner while watching an episode of Friends, maybe skype his family, and most of all, hope that the day after would be better. Lena had left a few minutes before 5 o'clock, but if the slow-mode continued the day after, he would be the one getting out of the office early. Acting like a gentleman, he was the one that told her that she could leave because she wasn't needed, but now, he sort of regretted it. Boredom was even worse when you had no one to share it with. Very fortunately, someone knocked at the door.
It was Chloé, the girl he had met at the Tesco Store a few weeks ago. She had knocked, and now she was walking through the room, coming towards him. He straightened up in his seat a bit while she said “hi” in her soft voice. He smiled frankly, looking at her in the eyes. She stopped in front of his desk, and he realised the tesco-episode happened quite a while ago, now. He hadn't forget his promise, of course, and he was glad she hadn't either. She mentioned the cafeteria menu for dinner, which as she said, wasn't glorious, and most importantly, she referred to the quinoa. He smirked in answer, then concentrated for a few seconds on his computer screen, closing all the windows, and finally switching it off. While doing so, he said : “I know, right ? Peas, gross. Wasn't planning on eating in the cafeteria either – I never plan on eating there, actually”. He mumbled a bit at the end of his sentence, focusing for a few last seconds on his screen, and then, he stood up quickly, grabbed his jacket, checked his watch, and said : “Come on, it's almost 6, I can leave the office. We're going eating! But not quinoa, that too, was sort of disgusting, because it didn't taste anything. I'm way better at making pasta!”. He was wearing a pair of jeans he had rolled up a bit at the end, with a pair of Nike sneakers, and a soft-blue t-shirt. It was hot outside, he would certainly not need his jacket, but he still had it with him, just in case. While joining Chloé in front of his desk, and then walking with her to the door, he said : “I'm glad you came! I was getting so bored in this office all alone, you're my saviour!”
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(gabs) worst case scenario is that I will kiss you and you will blush

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