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 early morning/late night

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Frederikke Østergaard
HERE SINCE : 07/06/2015
AGE : 24
FROM : denmark
OCCUPATION : (future medecine) student
HEART : single

early morning/late night Empty
MessageSujet: early morning/late night   early morning/late night EmptyJeu 11 Juin - 11:02

Tossing and turning in her bed, Frederikke finally gave up and opened her eyes. She knew it was early, too early, but she couldn't fall back asleep. Ever since her arrival in Bournemouth, she has had trouble sleeping, her nights were always very short. She searched for her phone, lost somewhere in her pile of pillows, and finally found it. 4:30 am. She sighed, and without a sound, got out of bed. Victoire was sleeping next to her, and Frederikke envied her for a second. Then, careful to not wake her roommate up, she switched her pyjamas for a pair of black leggings and a bright red running jacket, and grabbed her running shoes. She waited to be outside of the room to put them on, and tying her hair in a high ponytail, exited the residence. The night was silent and calm, and the whole area next to the dorms was deserted. Taking a big breath, the young lady started jogging towards the beach. Back home, she would go on run nearly every day. It was not a matter of keeping her shape, but simply not turning crazy. Running has always been her escape, she loved it. She didn't even need to listen to music, all she had to do was run. She didn't meet anybody on her way to the beach, and the second her foot touch the sand, the sun began rising. The sky quickly turned a beautiful pink color and Frederikke smiled as she accelerated. She ran for a good hour and a half, meeting people from time to time. She amused herself, trying to guess whether they were going to bed or getting out of it. She knew she was probably the only one waking up before five on a Sunday morning. Finally feeling relaxed, she progressively slowed down, until she was walking, her feet sinking a little more in the wet sand, her eyes fixed on the water, sparkling under the rising sun.
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Marlene Andreadis
HERE SINCE : 15/06/2015
AGE : 28
FROM : greece
OCCUPATION : activity coordinator
HEART : single

early morning/late night Empty
MessageSujet: Re: early morning/late night   early morning/late night EmptyJeu 18 Juin - 19:31

I loved sailing at the crack of dawn. The water felt colder than it ever did during the day, probably because there wasn’t a single ray of actual sunshine yet to warm up my skin, but it was peaceful and I didn’t have to worry too much about people ruining the quiet atmosphere of these beautiful Sunday mornings. When the weather was nice on week-ends, I would usually the night in the marina, on the boat with a pillow and a blanket, sleeping under the stars until the rising sun woke me up; I hated wasting an opportunity to get a great day of sailing and I knew I’d sleep in until at least 8.30 if I spent the night in my own bed.
Today, however, I’d woken up in my apartment; the first week had been tiring and while I wished I’d been able to go sailing early, I knew I had to catch up on some sleep. That is, until I realized I’d accidently forgotten to turn off my alarm: My cellphone had vibrated like mad on my bedside table around ass o’clock and I hadn’t been able to go back to sleep. The marina was a bit too far away but I figured I could just take my windsurfing board and enjoy a bit of the beach while it was still quiet.
I had my wetsuit on faster than I actually had expected and a few minutes later, I was walking towards the beach, my surfing board in one hand and the sail in the other.

Funnily enough, I wasn’t the only one crazy enough to be up so early in the morning. In the faint glow of the rising sun, I could make out a slim figure running on the beach. As I approached, she stopped running, clearly admiring the view.

- Jesus, I swore with a laugh, kicking out my flip-flops and starting to prepare my equipment. I think you got an even earlier start than I did!



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early morning/late night

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